1. How do I register a website?

We do it for you. By letting us know what type of name you want for you domain, we check and see if it is available and if available, we register it for you with registration fee included in your website package. If your preferred site is not available, we communicate with you to determine the most effective name. Instead of a commercial site such as www.yourdomain.com, it could be a network site such as www.yourdomain.net.

2. I already have a site, but, I am not satisfied with my provider and service. Can I transfer my site to The Bryan Group?

Yes, in fact, we will transfer the site for you and extend the registration another year past  your present registration. We can start the process and then,  you or your website company may be asked for permission to transfer the site. Again, our fees are included in the all inclusive price of the site you select. It usually takes about one week to get a site transferred.

3. How long am I obligated to keep the site.

When you select a package or we do some other type of site for you, our price is based on everything for one full year. If you are paying annually, and after the first year, you no longer like the site or feel you no longer need a website, just let us know. We will take the site off the internet and you have no further obligation.

If you select the monthly subscription plan, there is no obligation to continue; you can unsubscribe at anytime. If you find another website provider who offers a plan such as this, let us know. We believe we are the only web developer who offers a no-contract monthly subscription plan.

4. Can I make changes to my site as my needs change?

Yes, we want the site to be effective and serve your needs. We usually make changes to the "one page and budget site" quarterly and the "intermediate and deluxe sites" monthly or more often if needed.

5. Does The Bryan Group have the capability of installing shopping carts on a website?

Yes, we use PayPal's secure server to accept credit card payments. You will have to establish a business account (free) with Paypal and we install a shopping cart on your site. All this is included in your intermediate or deluxe website packages. PayPal's fees usually run about 2.9 percent of gross sales which is comparable to charges charged to businesses by banks to accept credit card payments.

6. How will people find my website?

We will submit your site to the major search engines, but it can take weeks or even months for their robots to crawl the internet and include your site in their listings. We also encourage you to use your web address on all your correspondence such as business cards, signage, promotion flyers and letterheads. If you have vehicles with your farm or company name on them, include your web address on those also. We also encourage you to agree to reciprocal links. For example, we will put another company's link on your site, if they agree to put your link on their site.

7. How long after I purchase a website will I be able to see it online?

This depends a lot on how quick you get the information to The Bryan Group. Once you submit an order, we can usually have up a suggested design within 24 hours. With our 30 Day FREE TRIAL, we publish to a temporary site and register your domain after the first payment following your free 30 days.

8. I do not like to make online payments by credit card. Can I pay for my website by check?

Yes, although we prefer the "pay as you go" through PayPal, we will invoice you for the website and you can mail your personal check for the amount and pay annually in advance.